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Carglass® quality you know, available in Slovenia

You will get the same services at Carglass® Slovenia as in your country. Carglass® is a leading vehicle glass repair and replacement company in Slovenia with only one goal in mind: to solve your problems as quickly as possible.

We are a part of the Belron® Technical Development Center, which is considered to be the leading innovator in the field of repairs, replacements and recalibration automotive glass. Belron® supplies us with all the finest tools and, of course, with all the knowledge we need to take care of your damages.

Fix your damaged Glass on time

Our expert technicians can repair or replace any type of glass for vehicles of all makes, models, and ages. Additionally, we provide a lifetime warranty on all our services. Adhering to a "repair first" approach, we prioritize repairing your current windscreen over replacement whenever feasible, offering you significant savings in both time and money.

Lifetime warranty on all services

We only use automotive glasses that are made to the standards of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), which we obtain from the manufacturer’s supplier of your vehicle. By doing this, we ensure you that the replaced glass is the same quality as the glass before the damage. On top of that, we give you the choice of where you want us to carry out the work. One of our highly skilled mobile technicians can come to you wherever you are located.

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